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Welcome to the EcoFast Delivery Shipping Line, Website. By continuing to access and use this site, you agree to this Privacy Policy and the accompanying Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right, at our discretion and without prior notice, to add, change, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy and and/or those TERMS & CONDITIONS at any time by posting on this Website the revised Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions, dated with the most recent revision date. You are responsible for reviewing this policy regularly. After any changes, your continuing use of the EcoFast Delivery Website constitutes acceptance of those changes.

Your Personal and/or Company Information

We at EcoFast Delivery Shipping Line, understand that privacy is important to our customers and other visitors to the EcoFast Delivery Website. Accordingly, we hold in confidence any personal and/or company information you give us.

Personal and/or company information includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and credit-card numbers. We won't share your personal and/or company information with anyone not involved in your transactions, except for customer-service purposes or to comply with legal requirements. We never sell information to third parties.

Keeping your credit-card information private is vitally important to us. We never sell information from credit-card transactions. Whenever we ask for credit-card information, we transmit the number using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption and store it in an encrypted format. EcoFast Delivery employees do not have access to your credit-card information.

When you entrust cargo to us for transportation and Delivery services, we gather and store information about you and/or your company, your cargo, and your shipping activity that enables us to serve you efficiently. We also may use this information to establish credit, communicate with you to resolve a question about a shipment or report on its status, bill you for services rendered, and inform you of additional services that you may consider helpful. In addition, we may use your information to analyze our own business practices and pricing structure, to enhance our services, and to adapt our enterprise to your needs and preferences.

When required by law or regulation, we will report your information to Customs, safety, transportation, and other government agencies in the various countries in which we operate.

We may engage vendors to help us manage and process information. In such cases, we require the vendors to safeguard the confidentiality of this information, and to use it only in the manner and for the purposes that we specify.

During transport, information about an individual shipment is available on the EcoFast Delivery Website in MyCargo > Tracking, where anyone can enter a shipment’s Air Waybill number to receive a status report on that shipment. We provide extensive shipment status information, while limiting shipper and consignee information to what is necessary for identification and tracking.

Notwithstanding all of the above, and despite our best efforts to prevent unauthorized access to cargo, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information openly displayed on an Air Waybill or a Bill of Lading, or elsewhere on a shipment.

Retention of Customer Information

We retain information about customers for the length of time necessary to fulfill business purposes and to meet government regulatory requirements. The EcoFast Delivery Memo Tariff, RULE NO. 115: CLAIMS/ACTIONS - PROCEDURES AND TIME, sets forth the time limits for filing claims, in effect establishing the minimum retention period for shipment records. We will retain personal and/or company information you provide on the MyCargo registration form indefinitely if you access MyCargo at least once every 14 months, or we will delete your information after 14 months of inactivity. When retention periods expire, we dispose of records and delete information with the utmost care.

Information Security and Integrity

We use state-of-the-art information-security methods and technologies, including access-control procedures, cryptography, and firewalls, to guard against unauthorized access to confidential information. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption protects information you enter anywhere on the EcoFast Delivery Website. Only EcoFast Delivery employees with a legitimate business need can access customer information, and no EcoFast Delivery employee can access your password.

We rely upon you to ensure that your password is secure, and to change it if it becomes compromised. Although the Remember Password option is available on your computer’s Internet browser to streamline your login process, it also stores your login information on your own system, allowing anyone with access to your system to use your EcoFast Delivery My Cargo services.